Latvia's treasures - history and culture

2 days tour

In Latgale you can marvel at the beauty of lakes, birch forests, migrating birds and white clouds. Escape from the noisy city, to a place where people sincerely welcome their guests with traditional hospitality, where peaceful mornings greet the sunrise, where cornflowers blossom on hilltops.

Latgale is known for its rolling landscape and many lakes. As a result it is sometimes referred to as "the land of blue lakes" Here are two of Latvia's largest lakes: Lubāns and Rāzna. Latgale is a region with its own strong traditions, and a unique history which has been influenced by neighbouring countries. Latgale is so different from the rest of Latvia that it sometimes feels like another country. Latgalians have strong traditions in pottery and baking as well as numerous religions - Catholics, Lutherans, Orthodox and Old Believers live side by side. Latgale is also called the land of Mara or Mary. Its most sacred place is Aglona Basilica where every year thousands of piligrims gather.

Riga – Livani - Daugavpils
06:30 Transfer from the hotel to Livani

12:00 Latgale Art and Craft Centre in Livani
Stikla muzeja unikālā kolekcija, amatniecības vēstures zāle, folkloras kopas priekšnesums.

13:00 Lunch in Livani

15:00 Tour of Daugavpils and Daugavpils Clay Art Centre
The historical centre of Daugavpils city is an area of national importance for its architectural heritage.

17:30 Tour of Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre

18:40 Tour of Daugavpils Fortress
The symbol of Daugavpils. An outstanding fortification that occupies more than 150 ha. The only early 19th century fortress in Eastern Europe that has remained virtually unchanged.

19:25 Check in at Park Hotel Latgola ***

20:00 Dinner with a view at Plaza, the Park Hotel Latgola 10th floor restaurant

Daugavpils – Aglona – Rezekne – Ludza - Riga
07:00 Breakfast at the hotel
07:40 Transfer to Aglona

09:00 Aglona Basilica
Every year on the 15th of August, pilgrims congregate in Aglona to mark the day of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary into Heaven. This is one of the best known sacred sites in the world.

09:50 Bread Museum
Discover the fascinating story of bread, and get to know the flavours of Latgale during a tasting session.

12:30 Latgale Culture and History Museum in Rēzekne
Visitors can make their own mug on the potter's wheel, carve their name in it and come back to fetch it after it has been glazed in the kiln.

13:30 Gors concert hall in Rēzekne
The venue has two acoustic concert halls, of which one is suited for 3D film screenings, a choreography hall, an orchestra rehearsal hall, fully-furnished artist dressing and makeup rooms, as well as a hall for choir and dance rehearsals. It also houses a wedding ceremony room, a music store, a restaurant and a large lobby that can host exhibitions.

15:00 Tour of Ludza
The oldest town in Latvia, known for its low-rise wooden housing characteristic of 19th century Latgale.

15:40 Ludza Crafts Centre
The centre features the work of over 100 craftsmen. Visitors can not only learn about the old crafts and tools, but also try their own hand at pottery, dressmaking and other ancient crafts.
Traditional dinner at the Latgaļu kukņa (Latgalian kitchen).

17:00 Transfer to Riga

~ 22:00 Arrival at the hotel in Rīga


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